Company Information

  • Since its founding in 1996, Khairati Engineering Works has been a specialist in welding related spare parts, comsumables and accessories. It started off as a trading company which deals mainly in TIG and MIG accessories. In the year of 2002, it is a major turning point for the company as it diversifies into manufacturing and designing of welding products and accessories. Since then, Khairati Engineering Works has produced a great variety of welding products. Currently,

Why Khairati Engineering Works

  • The founder of the company has been in the welding field for more than 10 years, and his vast welding experience and technical knowledge is valuable. Khairati Engineering Works Manufacturing never compromise on quality and tries its best to improve on products all the time. It strives to meet the demand of the customers and deliver the products in the shortest possible time. Most Importantly, Khairati Lal Medical & Welding Equipments & Parts provides technical support and advice to customers in order to achieve productivity and efficiency at the same time.

Manufacturing Facilities - Pictures


  • Mechafin UK MIG Welding Gun, including air-cooled, water-cooled range from 150 Amp to 600 Amp, both for manual and robotic welding
  • Mechafin Feed Plate (wire feeding system for MIG welding machine), all feed rolls and its related accessories. Mechafin supply to most of the welding machine manufacturers in Europe, including CIGweld, SAF, ESAB
  • KEW TIG Welding Torch, full range, both for manual and automatic welding. Material ranges from hard plastic to silicon rubber. KEW TIG Accessories, including tungsten electrode, collet, collet body, long back cap, torch body, ceramic cup.
  • KEW Central Block Adaptor, European design, for both torch and machine side.KEW Dinse Type Cable Connectors, full range, including panel socket, cable plug, panel plug and cable sockets.
  • KEW Air Plasma Cutting Torch, both manual and automatic.
  • KEW Lincoln Type Submerged Arc Torch and its replacement parts. KEW MIG Robotic Gun, compatible to Panasonic, OTC, Motoman, ESAB/ABB
  • KEW Gouging Carbon
  • Arcair Gouging Torch
  • C&G economic range replacement parts for TIG, MIG, Plasma
  • C&G Welding and Brazing Flux, brazing paste for aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and steel
  • C&G Gas Cutting Torch, British design
  • C&G Welding Chemicals including nozzle gel, anti-spatter spray, crack checker, etc
  • C&G Tungsten Electrode, such as 2% thoriated, 0.8% zirconiated and pure tungsten
  • C&G Feed Roll for all most MIG machines such as WIM, ESAB, Panasonic, OTC, Daiden, Hitachi, Megatronic, CIGweld, Miller, Lincoln, Kemppi
  • Standard Ceramic Products such as TIG ceramic cups, spot welding nut, silicon nitride products
  • Tiren Regulator and Flowmeter for Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Acetylene, Helium, Nitrogen, CO2 regulator with heater, CO2 regulator with vapouriser
  • Maintenance TIG Filler Rod such as 718, 8407, SKD11, etc